gant jetable ultra résistant

have been designed to meet the demand of users, who want disposable gloves resistant and practices. With this ultra-strong range, you will not have to replace your disposable gloves several times for your most demanding operations.

The advantages of nitrile:

  • non-skid
  • comfort
  • superior resistance
  • Chemical Resistance 3 times higher than latex and vinyl


  • Single Use Only 
  • Ambidextrous 
  • 6.25 Mils Thick (smooth area) 
  • 10.25 Mils Thick (Torgue Grips™)
  • Nitrile Gloves Powder Free
  • Industrial Strength 


Cut resistant  

ANSI cut level 5 reduces the risk of injury and related expenses. Provides workers with the ability to handle sharp parts and knives with confi dence in light oil or dry applications. New coating formulation provides longer wear. Silicone-free and latex-free for worker and product protection.

Polyurethane coated  

Polyurethane palm coating: maximum tactile sensitivity in the fi nger area for exceptional feel. Excellent fi t and performance to maintain high productivity.
Ultra-cool stretch nylon liner: provides barehand dexterity. Breathable nylon liner increases worker acceptance and safety compliance.

Foam nitrile coated  

True Foam Nitrile: channels oil away from glove surface for sure grip in light oil. Exceptional, unmatched comfort for workers. Provides excellent grip in dry environments.
Ergonomic form-fi tting liner design: glove molds naturally to the hand, minimizing fatigue. Exceptional comfort and fi t increases worker acceptance and safety compliance.

Cotton Leather gloves 

Natural leather withe with return on the index. Back in black cotton. Stretch on the back of the glove.

high protection gloves

Polyester with rubber protection on the fingers and back. Palm synthetic leather, velcro comfortable by keeping.

Nitril chemical resistance

tableau de résistance chimique

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